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Preserving the steps of the Danza Mexica Splendor, we promote and present our culture with integrity, pride and respect through the Mexica (Azteca) dance and drumming. We study the ancient ways of ceremony and science while sharing and exchanging an introduction to our cultural classes and presentations by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of our communities, dancers, artists, administrators, and organizations willing to share learn and support Indigenous teachings of the pre-Columbian Mexican culture.
Calmecac Tonantzin Yolilitzyotl (Houston Aztec Dance & Drum), was originally founded in 2014 by Rainflowa and her three children, who are an 8th generation Texan family & 4th generation family born and raised in Houston, Texas.

They created and established a Calmecac (school) Danza Mexica (Azteca) group focused on teaching youth as an open community Indigenous dance circle dedicated to the preservation of the Mexicayotl in Houston, Texas.

They continue to offer free classes in local area parks and recreation centers in partnership with the City of Houston HPARD. Calmecac Indigenous Organization has been on the Young Audience of Houston Roster as teaching artists since 2015. They created a curriculum developed for students implementing Mexican (Mexica) Indigenous dance and drum in school residencies, after-school programs and cultural presentations for grades K-12. 



Calmecac Indigenous Organization was created in 2017 and is comprised of multi-disciplinary artists, traditional dancers, community members and families representing Houston's diverse Indigenous community. 

The group’s founder also has a history of collaborating with other Texas-based Aztec dancers and dance groups whether participating in traditional ceremonies or inviting/connecting other dancers to different ceremonies and performances throughout the greater Houston area and around Texas, California, and Mexico since 2002.

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Calmecac Indigenous Organization started the Indigenous People's Day Movement in Houston, Texas in 2014 with annual events.

Calmecac Indigenous Organization began in 2017 in Houston, Texas with classes becoming available to the public, building awareness to contemporary ceremonial lifeways which are known as living the "path of the red road".
This structure of following the guided paths of traditional lineages with teachers and elders working together to maintain dignity and respect, while working with the youth, fosters awareness and passes oral traditional knowledge.


 Calmecac Indigenous Organization is a group of multi-disciplinary artists, traditional dancers, community members and families representing Houston's diverse Indigenous community. The board is also comprised of descendants of local southern plains Native Americans of Texas and various Indigenous peoples of North and South America.  Its members collectively embody over 100 years of experience in Native American ceremony and traditions with a long history of collaboration with various Texas-based Indigenous groups.

Since 1994, its elders and members have connected with and educated the community in sharing oral traditional knowledge and customs from the north and the south through workshops, residencies, and performances throughout the greater Houston area and around Texas, California, and Mexico.

The City of Houston presented the proclamation declaring October 12, 2017 as the first Indigenous People's Day in the City of Houston.

The proclamation submitted
 by Calmecac Indigenous Organization was received by Elder Council Chairman, Daniel Antoon, Jr. on November 14, 2017, at City of Houston council meeting. Indigenous Peoples'  Day Proclamation States:

"Hundreds of nomadic tribes have been recorded living, hunting, farming and residing in the Houston, Texas area and along the Gulf of Mexico 's coastal southern plains regions since time immemorial;    and we recognize that Indigenous People have lived upon this land prior to European settlement and we value the progress society has accomplished through Indigenous people's knowledge, labor, technology, science, philosophy, arts and deep culture.

The mayor and the City Council of Houston to jointly declare October 12th to be Indigenous People's Day in the City of Houston."

The historical Dimond Knoll site was discovered in 1996 in northwestern Harris County; and archaeologist's claimed it as one of the oldest digs found in North America dating from 10,000 to 14,000 years ago.  These stone age human remains found with fragments of bison teeth, ceramics and hunting darts became the largest excavation into an Early Archaic Age acknowledging Paleo-Indian occupation in Southeast Texas.





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Carrying the element of water _Caravan for Peace- Austin, Texas 2011